Privacy Policy

We maintains a "privacy policy" that strictly observes all laws and ordinances concerning personal information protection. Scrupulous attention is paid to meeting the customer’s expectations and establishing trust.

Privacy Policy

"Personal information" covers all information that can identify or distinguish individuals such as: names, addresses, phone numbers, relationships etc. When we receive information of this nature, we accept the responsibility and perform the duties required to protect it.

  1. We commit to observe all laws and regulations and to protect the privacy and personal information of the customer. We take responsibility for our operations and perform them with full regard to the above policy. When we receive personal information we specify, in as much detail as possible, the legitimate purposes and uses for this information.
  2. The acquisition of personal information is limited to that required for the above legitimate purposes. We will obtain the consent of the customer before any information is released to a third party. The exception to this is the case where the release of this information is required by law.
  3. We undertake and manage all procedures that protect the security of personal information. No unauthorised access, loss, manipulation or unauthorised release (leaks) of personal information is allowed to occur.
  4. We only release personal information to third parties after we have obtained the specific consent of the customer, or if required to by law. When personal information is released to a third party, we oblige the third party, through contract, to protect the information to the same extent that we do.
  5. If the customer requires any addition, deletion, correction or change to personal information, we comply immediately.
  6. We continually review laws and ordinances pertaining to personal information, and revise our procedures for protecting personal information.
  7. All employees, including part-time and contract workers, are fully knowledgeable of our personal information policy. We ensure the maintenance of an environment that supports and promotes this policy.

Collection of personal information

Our purpose is to collect only enough customer personal information, such as: full name, address, telephone numbers etc., so that we can offer effective service to the customer. We use this information to facilitate communication through such means as email, direct-mail and telephone contact. Before giving us any information, the customer is informed fully about our policy on personal information and the purposes for which this information will be used.

Procedure for requests of disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information

A summary of the procedure for the request of personal information follows. Please inquire for more detailed information.

  1. Requests
    Requests for personal information will only be accepted from the customer herself/himself. The exception to this is from a legal representative as specified by the customer.
  2. Documentation required for requests The following documentation is required:
    a. Proof of identity such as a driver's license or a resident's card. b. A letter of request confirming that the requester is the customer herself/himself.
  3. Complying with requests
    When a request is made, we register the request details and reply directly to the customer. If the customer does not confirm that she/he has made the request, then we take no action and no information is given. We answer requests as fast as possible, but it is important to understand that the speed of the reply is dependent on the detail and nature of the information required.

Further inquiries about personal information

Please contact us if you have a question or require further information concerning the use and protection of personal information.

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Further inquiries about personal information

Our web site uses cookies for the limited purpose of calculating statistics so that we can improve service by developing better access to our site. Our site is not capable of discerning any personal information about a person visiting our site. It is impossible for privacy to be invaded, or for personal information to be extracted through our site. Under no circumstances do we release information concerning web site access.
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Concerning the access log

The access log of our web browser records the type of IP address, web browser, OS of the person accessing and the time and date of access. It is impossible to identify personal information through this process, so it is assured that no record of personal information can be recorded in the access log.

Protection of personal information when using web links

Our web site includes links to sites that are not part of our group. Although we guarantee the protection of personal information for sites within our group, we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for linked sites that are not part of our group.